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Avoid Embarrassment, Update Your Phone

Widget Financial is working hard for you to prevent fraud on Debit Mastercard, ATM andgetcashcards. If there is suspicious activity on your account, our Fraud Department will try to contact the home phone number you have on file with the credit union in order to sort things out. In our best efforts to prevent possible fraudulent card usage, we may even have to temporarily suspend your card(s) until we can speak to you via the phone, and that could leave you in an embarrassing situation!

We never want you to have to be without the ability to use your cards. Thus, we highly recommend that you update your primary contact number and list it as your "home phone number" if that is the best way to reach you. (We can also send text messages to any number you list in this field.)

You may update your contact information by logging in to Online Banking, going to the "Tools" section, clicking on "Contact Information" and changing your "Home" phone number to your preferred contact or cell phone number.

If you have any questions, please contact the Credit Union 24/7 at 814.456.6231.

Remember, always be smart when using your card(s) online! Only pay vendors you trust.  In order to protect yourself further, consider getting a getcash card. Our getcash card is a more secure choice for shopping online because you are never giving vendors direct access to your primary checking account. You simply load the getcash card, use it for your desired amount, and then repeat! Click here for more info.