All Things Widget

Now boarding: The future of banking in Erie!

Whether our renaming the credit union Widget Financial was exactly what you thought we might do, or even if it came as a (hopefully pleasant) surprise, it’s important to remember how we got here.

Since 1936, thousands of General Electric Transportation employees and families in our region have turned to Erie General Electric Federal Credit Union for reliable financial services. In recent years, our membership has blossomed to include the entire community.

Our Board of Directors decided to change the Credit Union’s name in order to better reflect our entire membership. The Board had many criteria for selecting a new name including:

  • Finding a name with regional ties and mass appeal
  • Paying tribute to our past and to General Electric Transportation (GET)
  • Having a name that is trendy, fresh and fun – zany, but still serious

After evaluating hundreds of potential names, Widget Financial was selected as our new banner! Widget Financial is an ideal name because it:

  • Pays tribute to GE Transportation (widGET)
  • Is a familiar term across many industries, including manufacturing, technology and education
  • Stands out and challenges perceptions
  • Is youthful, future-forward and fun
  • Can be pronounced and spelled easily

We are very excited to present our new name to the world!