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Financially empowered employees contribute to your bottom line.

Widget Financial is looking for ways to save your organization money and financially empower your employees. Your employees are busy and don’t have time to worry about their finances.

Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions your employees may have. Financially empowered employees contribute to your bottom line. Additionally your organization could easily be saving money by utilizing services offered by Widget Financial.

  • Are you paying too much for your 401(K)? - Let our Wealth Management team assess what your organization is paying to have their 401(K) portfolio serviced.  We could save you thousands of dollars allowing you to redistribute those funds to other aspects of your business.

  • Paying too much for paper Checks? – At Widget Financial we can provide a FREE checking account with direct deposit to any of your employees regardless of their past checking history. This will allow you to eliminate the need for business to print paper checks. We can even provide you with materials to incorporate account opening into your new employee orientation.

  • Loan Portfolio Analysis – The added stress of debt can lead to increased anxiety in the workplace. With our Loan Portfolio Analysis we can determine ways to save your employees money each month which in-turn will boost their morale. With increased morale and less stress your employees can perform better and add more to your company’s bottom line.

  • FREE Lunch – What is better than a FREE lunch? We at Widget Financial would love to provide your employees with a FREE lunch as we share with interested employees the benefits of the Credit Union as well as assisting existing members with account questions.

For more information on any of these products or to schedule a FREE Lunch & Learn contact Morgan Anderson, at (814) 456-6231 ext.347 or via e-mail at manderson@widgetfinancial.com.