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Loan Rates

Auto Rates

APR as low as1New
2019 or newer
24 Months4.19%4.29%4.39%4.39%5.19%5.19%5.49%5.69%5.69%
36 Months4.24%4.29%4.59%4.59%5.29%5.29%5.69%5.99%5.99%
48 Months4.34%4.49%4.79%4.79%5.39%5.39%6.09%6.39%6.39%
60-63 Months4.69%4.79%5.09%5.09%5.59%5.59%6.19%6.69%N/A
66 Months4.89%4.99%5.29%5.29%5.79%5.79%N/AN/AN/A
72 Months5.29%5.29%5.69%5.69%6.09%N/AN/AN/AN/A
75 Months5.29%5.39%5.89%N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
78 Months5.89%5.89%N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
84 Months6.54%6.69%N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Any vehicle that has been titled is considered a used vehicle. 1Minimum loan amount is $7,500 for a 66 month term auto, $10,000 for a 72 month term auto, $12,000 for a 75 month term auto, $15,000 for a 78 month term auto, $20,000 for am 84 month term auto. Rates based on credit worthiness, term and other conditions. Maximum term for 2009 and 2010 is 60 months.

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Recreational Vehicle Rates

Recreational Vehicles 1APR as low as2
Motor homes, ATVs, personal water crafts, snowmobiles, travel trailers,
1If you are looking to purchase a boat, please contact us today to find out what rate would be available. 2Rates based on new vehicles, credit worthiness, term and other conditions. Terms vary. Please inquire at credit union.

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Home Equity Loan Rates

TermFixed Rate As Low AsAPR As Low As1
5 Years2.99%2.998%
8 Years3.49%3.495%
10 Years3.74%3.744%
15 Years4.49%4.493%
1Rates based on equity, creditworthiness, term, lien position and other conditions. Includes maximum potential discounts with current promotion and relationship discount. Relationship discount available for members with automatic payments, e-statements and a VISA credit card account with us. Minimum $5,000 new money to credit union for five year rate; minimum $25,000 new money to credit union for all other promotions. Maximum loan $200,000. Payment example: The monthly payment on a $50,000 loan at 2.998% APR for 60 months will be $898.34. The monthly payment on a $50,000 loan for 96 months at 3.495% APR will be $597.79. The monthly payment on a $50,000 loan at 3.744% APR for 120 months will be $500.19. The monthly payment on a $50,000 loan at 4.493% APR for 180 months will be $382.37. These examples do not include property taxes or insurance premiums which you will be required to pay separately as this loan does not offer escrows.

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Home Equity Line of Credit Rates

7-year draw period
15 year repayment period
5.50% - 8.00% variable
1The Annual Percentage Rate is based on certain credit-worthiness criteria. The rate is variable monthly.


Important Disclosures:

Home Equity Initial Disclosure - Variable Rate


Mortgage Rates

View our Mortgage Rates.


Share Secured Rates

Share Secured LoansAPR
Share SecuredShare Rate + 3.50%1
Certificate SecuredShare Rate + 3.50%2
1Up to 60 months 2Depends on certificate term and rate


Personal Loan Rates

TermAPR as low as1
Up to 12 months6.74%
13-24 months7.24%
25-36 months7.74%
37-48 months8.24%
49-60 months8.74%
1Rates based on credit worthiness, term and other conditions. APR shown includes relationship discount when you have a VISA credit card with us, e-statements and automatic payments from your account here.

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Personal Line of Credit Rates

TermAPR as low as 1
Revolving Line9.95%
1Rate based on creditworthiness.