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At the credit union, we are always looking out for the best interests of each member-owner. After all, we each own this exceptional credit cooperative. Our credit union leadership keeps a close eye on industry trends and frequently asks: “How can we improve, so that we are enriching more of our members’ lives?”

Over the past few years, we’ve seen drastic changes to the ways that merchants are allowed to process card transactions. Businesses of all types and sizes have started taking advantage of loopholes in the laws that govern card processing networks. Consequently, many merchants have moved to obfuscate how they are processing transactions in an effort to bolster their profits. 

At its worst, many merchants have begun to lead consumers to believe that their important transactions are being processed as signature (credit) transactions; when in fact, the merchant is clandestinely processing the entire transaction as a PIN-based transaction.  Even in the best scenarios, where our members are happy to provide a pin number, clever merchants are complicating the issue.

Right under our members’ noses – these stores are forcing through PIN transactions, irrespective of a PIN number having even been used! As if improving their bottom line at the expense of our not-for-profit credit union wasn't enough, many of these merchants have taken to blaming financial institutions when their customers begin to complain or ask too many questions!

Sadly, we at Widget Financial cannot stop merchants from exploiting card processing and interchange networks. What we can do is make changes to facilitate our members' transactions. We can take the guess work out of the process for our member-owners, and that is exactly what we have done. In order to help simplify the process for our members, we have eliminated the requirement of 12 signature-based transactions to earn the HD Checking dividend! We are also improving additional requirements as outlined below.  Here s a summary of fee changes which became effective January 1, 2016:

  • We have eliminated the requirement to have 12 signature-based debit card transactions to earn the HD Checking dividend.
  • There will no longer be a $1 fee assessed when our cardholders make more than 8 pin-based transactions or (4 transactions has had been previously required on getcash cards).
  • The only fee that will be assessed on checking accounts is if a member uses a foreign ATM in excess of 4 times monthly. Widget Financial ATMs are free to use anytime!

HD Checking continues to reward our loyal members. To qualify to earn the HD Checking dividend, a member must:

  • Have their net paycheck directly deposited into their HD Checking Account (Net pay to Widget Financial means a member’s full paycheck after taxes totaling at least $100 per ACH occurrence). 
  • Be enrolled in Online Banking, eStatements and use our BillPay service. 
  • Maintain an average daily balance of $1,000 in the HD Checking Account. 
  • Complete a minimum of $250 in debit card (point-of-sale) transactions.

Unlike other local financial institutions, we still have no fee if a member’s HD Checking account does not meet the dividend requirements! 

All of the above requirements must be met in a calendar month in order to receive the dividend. You may view your progress towards earning your dividends by logging in to Online Banking and selecting ‘Accounts’ from the top menu, and ‘HD Checking Status’ from the left menu.

The above HD Checking dividend requirements have been mailed to each member household through our newsletter. Additionally, we have sent information via email to affected members. Despite these efforts, some members have expressed that they were unsure of how these changes to our HD Checking dividend requirements might affect them personally. We are sympathetic to this.  

In an effort to be as fair as possible; we felt it appropriate to widen our ability to pay dividends on our HD Checking account for the month of January, 2016 for qualified members. We automatically extended the courtesy of paying these dividends using the prior requirements. We felt this was the most efficient way to reward our valued members. However, we ask that any member with an HD Checking account who feels they would have otherwise qualified, had these changes not gone into effect, to please click, call, or come in to let us look at their unique situation. 

We are always happy to meet with you and help you as best we can!