Mission Accomplished

…well, sort of!

The new Widget Financial is here! Can we get a woot! woot!?

We’ve taken a giant leap just to get to this point, but we have plenty more steps ahead of us. After all, the journey is just beginning and we’re happy to be traveling alongside you!

All of us at Erie General Electric Federal Credit Union have been working extra hard to bring the new Widget Financial to life. Take this website for example: we would put it up against any in the business, but we plan on making it even better every day. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Don’t be shy! Be sure and tell us what we can add to help make it optimal for you.

Given the magnitude of change, we know things might not go perfect, right out of the gate; but one thing is for sure: our unyielding commitment to our membership and our community is as strong as ever! Over the years, the Erie region has come to rely on our credit union and we will continue in that tradition of excellence.

If you’ve read our Mission Statement, you know that we are the kind of people who don’t just like to make things better - we obsess over your experience!  We’re fussy about making things just right for our member-owners and we literally think day and night about how to better serve them. Widget Financial is the kind of financial institution that wants to be more than just a place you bank. We want to journey alongside you throughout your financial life as a trusted advisor and as a friend.

So, here’s to the journey! Here’s to lasting legacies and new beginnings. Here’s to always having more rockets to board, mountains to climb, flags to plant and whatever other metaphor for awesomeness you can think of. And most importantly, here’s to you and Widget Financial blasting off toward a better financial future!