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A scam that has been picking up in frequency recently is the 'Can you hear me?' scam, wherein an individual receives a call and upon answering, the other party repeatedly asks "can you hear me?"  The scammer is ultimately seeking a ‘yes’ response from the targeted party, and may then attempt to use that recording, along with other pieces of personal information to fraudulently authorize charges with various parties.

We have received a few calls from members who have been targeted, and we want to ensure all members of the following:

  • Widget Financial does not use voice biometrics for accountholder authentication.  A scammer being in possession of a recording of your voice saying ‘yes’ does not, by itself, give the scammer an avenue to access account information or conduct transactions.
  • We monitor card-based transactions 24/7 for unusual activity, and if ever something suspicious is noted, we will attempt to contact the accountholder right away.
  • Our representatives, including those of our Fraud Prevention teams, will never ask a member to provide sensitive information such as a full social security number, account number, or debit/credit card number.  If ever a member is tricked into providing this information to a third party, we will take immediate action to safeguard the member’s account, potentially including blocking the debit/credit card that may have been compromised during the scam.
  • If ever a member notices charges or transactions which seem out of place, he/she should contact us at once to review the transactions in question and determine their legitimacy.

Ultimately, diligence with regards to safeguarding personal information is of the utmost importance. Never provide sensitive information to third parties with whom you are not familiar, especially if they are overly demanding or are threatening some sort of legal action in the event of noncompliance.  These types of behavior should serve as a red flag to anyone receiving unexpected correspondence from a party with whom they are not familiar, or have not conducted a legitimate business transaction.

For more information describing the 'Can you hear me?' scam, please visit the link below.