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Economists Project Interest Rates to Rise!

A growing number of market watchers and economists are predicting rates to rise twice before the year is out. Meaning, lock in your low rate NOW!

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the Fed has put rates near zero and they haven't budged since. This increase in rates will be the Fed's biggest vote of confidence that the U.S. economy has recovered.

Some of the key factors the Fed will be watching as it decides when to raise rates are hiring, inflation, economic growth and the increasingly valuable U.S. dollar. Currently, America's economy continues to outperform its peers around the world and has its lowest unemployment rate since 2008. Wages for these employees are increasing between 4 and 5 percent, meaning interest rates will follow suit. Gas prices and inflation also remain low, while growth is chugging along at 2.4%.

While good performance is projected for the economy, that means an interest rate hike will soon follow. Make sure to lock in your rate now and take advantage of our historically LOW interest rates!

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