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Loan Relief | COVID-19

Widget Financial understands that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in economic disruptions that may impact the financial welfare of our members. If you are faced with financial challenges in making your loan payment as a result of the coronavirus, we may have loan relief options available to assist you. Please contact us before your loan due date.

These options are subject to approval and the first step is to apply in writing. Please follow one of the links below for the application.

  • Select the loan relief application corresponding to your loan.
  • Complete the application.
  • Call 814.456.6231 ext 235 to receive a secure electronic file upload link, or fax the application to 814.217.1577. 
  • Please do not send the completed form via unsecure email. Utilize one of the options above. 

 For questions or additional information, call 814.456.6231 or 800.214.8757 extension 235.

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Members With Debt Protection May Be Eligible For Benefits: If your loan has PRIME, CHOICE or SELECT Debt Protection and you are having financial issues due to a protected loss, please contact us to file a claim. If elected, the protection may cancel your monthly payment in the event of a protected event, like a disability or period of involuntary unemployment. Please contact us at 814.456.6231 ext 235.