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Budget Check Up: Tax Time Is the Right Time

Every year, about 140 million households file their federal tax returns. For many, the process involves digging through shoe boxes or manila folders full of receipts; gathering mortgage, retirement, and investment account statements; and relying on computer software to take advantage of every tax break the code permits.1 It [...]

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A Look at Diversification

Ancient Chinese merchants were said to have developed a unique way to manage their risk. They would divide their shipments among several different vessels. That way, if one ship were to sink or be attacked by pirates, the rest stood a good chance of getting through. Thus, the majority of the shipment could be [...]

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Building a Solid Financial Foundation

When you read about money matters, you may see the phrase, “getting your financial house in order.” What exactly does that mean? To some, when your financial “house is in order,” it means it is built on a solid foundation. It means that you have the “pillars” in place that are designed to support [...]

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Financially Ever After: Tips for Joint Money Management

When was the last time you talked candidly about money with your partner? If you can’t recall…there is no time like the present. It’s widely known that money is a significant stressor for many couples in America, and this is especially true when it comes to syncing up your respective finances. Whether you’re married [...]

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Financial Planning Tips for Parents

Are you adapting to the exhaustion and euphoria of a new baby? Or navigating middle school math homework or the terrain of teenagerhood? Regardless of where you’re at in your parenting journey, these financial planning tips across all ages and stages can help ensure a secure future for you and your family. [...]

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Women and Wealth: A Pivot Towards Retirement

Retirement is a significant transition, and it can bring both challenges and opportunities for women who have spent many years focused on their careers. For women approaching retirement age, it is crucial to consider various tips and strategies to ensure a smooth and fulfilling transition. An elegant pivot from work life to a life [...]

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Financial Strategies for Women

Nearly 60% of women take sole responsibility for making investment decisions, yet only 19% of women feel very confident in their ability to fully retire with a comfortable lifestyle.1,2 Although more women are providing for their families, when it comes to preparing for retirement, they may be leaving their future to chance. [...]

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How Boomers and Millennials Differ

We are in the midst of an unprecedented transfer of wealth, with trillions of dollars being moved from one generation to the next. This transfer challenges many commonly held notions as new values and interests become more prominent. In short, the economy is changing, and while some of these new practices might raise an [...]

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Reviewing Your Life Insurance Needs

Life is an ever-evolving journey marked by significant milestones, personal growth, and unexpected changes. As life unfolds, your financial and insurance needs also shift, changing from year to year, decade to decade. A good example of this is life insurance. If you have a life insurance policy that you haven't reviewed recently, it [...]

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Budget-Friendly Strategies for Charitable Contributions

November and December are big spending months—in 2022 holiday sales surpassed $960 billion. The holidays are also a time to give back, and there are affordable ways to make a meaningful impact this season. The holiday season is officially in full-swing, and if last year’s numbers are any indication, November and [...]

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