Business Fee Schedule

Account Research & Reconciliation Fee$20 per hour. One hour minimum
Bill PayFree, if used each month. $8.95 per month if not used (per account)
Bad Address$10 per month
Check PrintingVarious quantities available. Prices vary
Collection Fee$25 per account. (assessed when your account is charged off)
Copy of a Check$2 per check
Copy Per Statement$3
Debit Card Replacement Fee$8 per card
Dual Statement$5 per statement run
Early Closure Fee$10 per account
Endorsement StampVaries by style
Escheats$75 per account
Expressed Mail Fee$30
Foreign Check Processing$5 per item
Inactive Savings Account$5 per month after one year of inactivity
Inactive Checking Account$5 per month after 6 months of inactivity
Legal Processing Fee$75
Manual Processing Fee$25 per item (Assessed when a deposit or withdrawal is received though any of our payment channels with invalid or insufficient routing and account information)
Money Orders$2 each
NSF Returned Item Fee$30 per item (Assessed when an item is returned due to insufficient funds)
Official Check$5 per item
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee$5
Preferred Business Checking: Checks Deposited/Cleared200 combined items per month. each additional item is $0.15 per item
Premier Business Checking$5 per month
Premier Business Checking: Checks Deposited/Cleared300 combined items per month. Each additional item is $0.15 per item
Record Storage Retrieval$5 per month
Returned ACH Fee$30 per item
Returned Check Fee$30 per item. Assessed when a check or item is deposited or cashed and is refused for payment by another financial institution
Special Coin Order$0.10 per roll
Stop Payment Fee$25 per item
VISA Gift Cards$4 per card
Wire Transfers - Domestic Incoming$15
Wire Transfers - International Incoming$40
Wire Transfers - Domestic Outgoing$15
Wire Transfers - International Outgoing$40