Whereas banks exist for the profit of outside stockholders, credit unions are not-for-profit, member-owned financial institutions offering low rates and valuable financial services to their members. Credit union members come together from a common bond (employment, residence, or house of worship) and pool their resources to provide low-interest loans to other members. Operating income is returned to members in the form of higher dividends for monies on deposit and lower interest rates on loans. A credit union is dedicated to serving its members’ financial needs in a low-cost, efficient manner. Because each member is an owner, regardless of how much he/she has on deposit, they have an equal vote in director elections. Credit unions are democracy in action. This means our members directly benefit from participating in their credit union.

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives. As such, they do not have stockholders to pay. These savings are returned to members in the form of higher savings rates, lower loan rates, and low- or no-fee services.

Anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Erie or Crawford County is eligible to join our Credit Union.

To open a Savings Account, we require a minimum balance of $1.00. Opening a Checking Account does not require a minimum deposit.

All members receive statements quarterly – January, April, July, and October. Share Draft (Checking) and Money Market Account holders, line of credit borrowers receive a monthly statement.

“Once a member, always a member.” Once you become a member of Widget Financial, you can remain a member, no matter where you may later live or work, as long as your account remains open. All services will continue without change. Please be sure to notify the credit union of any address change so we may continue to serve you.

Visit the credit union and sign a new signature card, be sure to bring official documents showing your name change (ex. marriage certificate). If you have a VISA or Debit Card, you will need to fill out new applications