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  • Send and receive money to/from other financial institutions

  • Safe and Secure

  • A new feature in Online Banking is travel notes inside the Card Center. Let us know when you'll be traveling, so your card(s) won't become blocked for suspicious activity while you're away!

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New Online Banking FAQs

Mobile Banking

Don't forget to download our mobile app by searching "Widget Financial Mobile" from your phone's app store. You can check balances, pay bills, transfer money, even message the Credit Union, right from the palm of your hand!

 Contact Credit Union to sign up for Online Banking service and for additional home banking, account & membership restrictions and guidelines.  Credit Union membership open to individuals who live, work, worship, volunteer or attend school in Erie or Crawford counties.  Membership in the credit union is free; simply maintain $1 in a Savings Account.  Account opening may be subject to certain credit background and/or account history verifications.  Offers subject to change without notice. Contact Credit Union for complete program details. Federally Insured by the NCUA.



New Online Banking FAQs

Why are we changing our Online Banking?

We are changing our Online Banking to better serve the needs of every member. The new Online Banking offers a more seamless and convenient user experience. 

When will the change happen?

The change will be effective March 15, 2016. All members will need to reregister their account with the new online banking before March 31, 2016. After this date, the old online banking will no longer be accessible. 

Beginning March 22, your new login credentials will also work with mobile banking. Until that time, please use your old login information on mobile banking.

Will I have to reregister my account?

Yes, all members will need to reregister their account. While you will need to reregister your account, you will not need to re-add your payees, transfers or BillPayer information.

Will my username and password be the same?

Your username and password must be unique to the new Online Banking system. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and no more than 20 characters long. The password must contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number. 

Will my scheduled transfers carry over to the new system?

Yes, your scheduled transfers will carry over to the new system.

Will my transaction history carry over to the new system?

Yes, your transaction history will carry over to the new system. 

Will I have access to estatements?

Yes, you can access your estatements under the ‘Accounts’ dropdown in Online Banking.

How do I get to the new Online Banking?

You can get to the new Online Banking by clicking on the button next to the old Online Banking button on the homepage of our website.

Will BillPayer change?

BillPayer will not change and your payees will automatically transfer from your old Online Banking account to your new Online Banking account.

Will I need to setup all my payees again?

No, you will not need to setup your payees again.

Are there minimum browser requirements?

Yes, you will need to use Internet Explorer 10 or greater, or the latest version of Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

Are there instructions on how to use the new Online Banking?

Yes, we have created a library of videos on how to navigate the new Online Banking. You can access all videos here.

What are some of the great new features?

Great new features include:

  • Simple & intuitive enrollment
  • Internal transfers
  • AccountShare (A new feature to share limited account access with Members and even non-Members)
  • Robust Account History
  • Easy Payment of Loans
  • Secure Messaging Features
  • Viewing statements with pinpoint accuracy
  • Updating contact info
  • Adding greater layers of security
  • Resetting online banking passwords
  • Determining HD Checking status
  • Seamless BillPayer features
  • Access to External Transfer and Card Center options

Do I have to download a new mobile app?

No, you do not need to download a new mobile app; however, you will need to download an app update on March 22, 2016.

Can I transfer funds between accounts?

Yes. You can transfer from any eligible checking, money market, savings or personal line of credit account. You can transfer money to any checking, money market, savings, personal line of credit account, and most personal loan accounts.

How many months of transaction history can be viewed?

You can view up to 6 months of transaction history. 

If I make a withdrawal at an ATM, how soon will my account reflect the balance change?

When you withdraw funds from an ATM or make a purchase with your debit card, the funds will immediately be removed from your available balance. 

What is the current balance on the Account Overview page?

The current balance on your Account Overview page is similar to your check register: it indicates the balance in your account each time you have a deposit or withdrawal activity.

Please note that the available balance reflects holds, outstanding checks, and other transactions, which could cause the balance to be different from the current balance.

Can I see images of checks through Online Banking?

Yes. You can click on the check number entry on your Account History and, if an image is available for that check, it will appear on screen.

Is there a maximum funds transfer I can make between accounts?

For internal account transfers, the maximum available for transfer is equal to the available balance in your "from" account. This includes any balance linked to the account for overdraft plan transfers.

Can I schedule a transfer to take place in the future or set up recurring transfers?

Yes. You can select either the ‘Scheduled’ option or choose the ‘Repeating’ option from the ‘Amount of Transfer’ column under ‘Make an Internal Transfer’ dropdown. Any scheduled or repeating transfer will occur at 9 a.m. on the specified business day.

How is each of the repeating transfer frequencies scheduled?

Weekly transfers occur every 7 days beginning with the first transfer date specified.
Biweekly transfers occur every 14 days, or every other week, beginning with the first transfer date specified.
Semi-Monthly transfers occur on the first transfer date specified and then again every 15 days after the first transfer date.
Monthly transfers occur on the same calendar day of every month, beginning with the first transfer date specified.

How late in the evening can I make a transfer for the funds to be processed on the same day?

If you are making an internal transfer, you can schedule that anytime and it will be processed immediately. If you are making an external transfer, you will need to schedule it by 2 p.m. for it to be processed on the same day. If you schedule the transfer after 2 p.m. it will process the next business day.

Can I name my accounts?

Yes. Click the dropdown on the specific account you would like to name and then select the pen tool next to the account name to change the name.

Do I need to sign up separately for BillPayer services?

No, there is no separate sign up for BillPayer. Once you are signed up for Online Banking, you can use BillPayer immediately. Simply click on the ‘Transfers & Payments’ dropdown and select ‘BillPay’ to begin.