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We have a loan for you!
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Take your fun to new HEIGHTS this summer!

We Have a Simple Solution

To help you free up some extra summer cash, you can choose either the month of July or August and just ask us to skip your eligible loan payment for that month!

Easy, Breezy Convenience

Enjoy the buying power and flexibility that comes with some extra money this summer. A $30 fee per loan payment skipped will be applied.

Summer Fun Can be Affordable

Even on a tight budget, Skip-A-Pay offers you a chance to treat your family to the best summer ever! What fun activities could you plan with a bit more wiggle room in your budget?

Skip-A-Pay is Simple

Just remember the rules:

1. Choose July or August. No other months are eligible for the program

2. Choose an eligible loan: ONLY Vehicle, Signature and Share-Secured loans

3. If you have received a hardship extension or loan modification, your loan may not be eligible for the program

4. You must be a member in good standing and have the fee available in your account at the time the request is processed

5. It is your responsibility to check your loan to ensure your request was approved. As a courtesy, we can notify you via text or email. Simply complete the information to the right

6. All borrowers must sign the request, including co-signers.

Apply online

Daytime Phone #
Account #
Please skip my loan payment for the month of:

Loan ID (1,2, etc)
Loan Type (auto, signature, etc).
I authorize a transfer of $30 per loan to be skipped from Widget Financial:

I understand that it is my/our responsibility to ensure that the request was approved. Please send me a courtesy text or email when my request is processed.
Cell Phone #
Cell Phone Company

I/we wish to participate in the Widget Financial Skip-A-Pay Program. Please defer payment for the loan(s) checked on this request. I/we understand that in order to be eligible to participate in this program that my/our loan payment may not be past due, this form must be received at least 5 business days prior to my payment due date and I/we must be a member in good standing with the credit union. I/we understand that if I/we have received a hardship extension or loan modification, that my/our loan may not be eligible for this program. I/ we understand that interest will continue to accrue on the outstanding balance of my/our loan until it is paid in full. I/we understand that I/we continue to be responsible for the entire outstanding principal and interest of my/our loan, and that I/we will be responsible to continue to make the scheduled payments after the original maturity date until all principal and interest is paid in full and that my/our pledge of security shall remain in effect until the loan is fully repaid. I/we understand that any GAP protection, credit life and/or disability insurance on my/our loan purchased through the Credit Union will not extend beyond the original maturity date of the loans. I/we understand that any GAP protection, credit life and/or disability insurances purchased through a third party may be voided by extending the loan with this payment skip. This offer applies only to vehicle, signature and share-secured loans. First payments, loans with force-place insurance, and loans being paid by CUNA disability or involuntary unemployment claims are not eligible to be skipped. A nonrefundable $30 fee per loan will be applied.


For questions, please call 814.456.6231 ext. 363. 

Apply in branch, by phone, or by fax

Click here to complete the Skip-A-Pay Request, and return it to the Credit Union by mail, fax (814.217.1577) or any branch location. Requests must be received at least five (5) business days BEFORE eligible payment is due.