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Visa Gift Cards

The perfect gift! Give the gift of money in a secure way.

With a Gift Card from Widget Financial, you’ll be sure to have the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

  • Gift Cards are great because they work anywhere Visa is accepted, and can be replaced if lost or stolen
  • Conveniently check your Gift Card balance online
  • Available at any Credit Union branch
  • Can be purchased in amounts between $25 and $1,000

A few more things to keep in mind when using this gift card:

  • Make sure to use card as CREDIT when making purchases
  • This card cannot be reloaded
  • The card expires the last day of the month imprinted on the card
  • A $1 per month maintenance fee will be deducted from the card balance beginning 12 months from the date of last activity

Check Your Balance 

  • Username is the 16 digits on your gift card
  • Password is “CARD” plus the last 5 digits on your gift card

Gift Cards CANNOT be used:

  • For PIN-based transactions
  • At an ATM machine
  • For pay-at-the-pump gasoline
  • For hotels or car rentals
  • For airline purchases