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How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Throughout your life, your financial needs will change and life insurance can help you meet some of those needs. But how much life insurance do you need? There are a number of approaches to help you determine how much life insurance you should have. Here are three of those methods. Family Needs Approach With this approach, you divide your family's financial needs into three main categories: Immediate needs at death, [...]

Pooled Income Fund: A Charitable Gift That Provides Income to You

A pooled income fund is a trust with both charitable and noncharitable beneficiaries. It is established and run by a public charity, not by you. The charity "pools" the irrevocable contributions of many people, invests the money, and then distributes to you (or your designated beneficiary) a periodic income payment(usually quarterly or annually) for life, prorated to match your contribution to the fund. When you die or your designated beneficiary [...]

Building Financial Resilience

Inflation, roller-coaster markets, global events, and life circumstances can test anyone's fortitude. You may not feel ready to handle these pressure-filled times and might worry about the potential effects on your financial well-being. Fortunately, you can take steps to build the resilience you need to help handle the turbulence and hopefully emerge even stronger. Focus on the Foundation Developing a new budget or reviewing an existing one may help reduce [...]

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