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Text Message Scam Reported

We have been notified of a phishing attempt in which scammers are texting random phone numbers in the Erie area, posing as Widget Financial. There has been no breach of member data. These scammers are simply dialing the Erie area code and telephone exchanges (the first three digits of Erie numbers) followed by a random four digits. These scam messages include links that lead to web pages designed [...]

Protecting Your Business Against the Loss of a Key Person

Have you thought about how your business would be impacted by the death or disability of you (the owner) or another key employee? It's important that you create a plan to protect your business from such a loss. Explore Life Insurance Strategies Have you calculated the financial impact to your business upon the loss of a key employee? Your business may need funds to replace lost profits, [...]

How Taxes Impact Your Retirement-Income Strategy

Retirees face several unique challenges when managing their income, particularly when it comes to taxes. From understanding how taxes relate to Social Security and Medicare to determining when to tap taxable and tax-advantaged accounts, individuals must juggle a complicated mix of factors. Social Security and Medicare People are sometimes surprised to learn that a portion of Social Security income becomes federally taxable when combined income exceeds $25,000 [...]

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