Fee Schedule

Checking Fees

Checking Fees
Non-Sufficient Funds $30 per item
Non-Sufficient Funds Paid$30 per item
Stop Payment$25 per item
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee$5 per item
Overdraft Privilege Fee$30 per overdraft
Teller Check Printing Fee (assessed on checks made payable to a third party)$2 per check
Copy of Check$2 per item
Debit/ATM Card Replacement Fee$8 per item
Debit/ATM Card Transactions (at foreign ATM)$1 for each transaction over 4
Debit/ATM Card Expressed Mail Fee$30
Second-Chance Checking$5 per month


Other Service Fees

Other Service Fees
Account Research & Reconciliation Fee$20 per hour, min 1 hour
Returned Check Fee$30 per item
Printed Copy of a Paper Statement$3 per statement
Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer$15
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer $15
Incoming Foreign Wire Transfer$40
Outgoing Foreign Wire Transfer$40
Money Orders$2 each
Regular Share Savings Dormant Account Fee$5 per month after 1 year of inactivity
Share Draft Inactive Fee$5.00 per month after 6 months of inactivity
Bad Address/Unable to Locate Fee $10 per month
Money Market Below Minimum Withdrawal$25
Dual Statement Fee$2 per statement run
CU Billpayer $4.95 per inactive month after two months per account
Record Storage Retrieval$5
Early Closure (assessed when account is closed within three months of initial open date)$10 (per account)
Collection Fee$15 (per charged off account)
Expedited Loan Payment by Phone$5 per request
Duplicate Lien Release FeeDependent upon state and collateral
Visa Gift Cards$4 per card
Check Cashing$2 per transaction
Canadian Check Processing$5 per item
Signature Guarantee (Medallion) - By Appointment Only$5
Legal Processing Fee (attachments, garnishments, tax levies, etc)$25 minimum
Telephone TellerFree
Online BankingFree
Account Verification Fee$10 per request
Statement Processing Fee*$2 per statement run
Escheats (by law, after an account has had no activity for three years, the account must be turned over to the state)$75 per account
IRA Account Transfer Fee$25 per request
Savings with only an ATM Card Fee$3 per month
Manual Processing Fee (assessed when a deposit or withdrawal is received through any of our payment channels with invalid or insufficient routing and account information)$25 per item
Non-Member ONUS Check Cashing Fee$5
*The Statement Processing Fee will be assessed to members with only a savings account who carry a balance of less than $25,000.


Safe Deposit Box Fees

Safe Deposit Box Fees
3'x5' Box Fee$25 per year
3'x10' Box Fee$40 per year
One Lost Replacement KeyBilled at cost of replacement key (determined by Credit Union)
Second Lost Replacement Key FeeBilled at Cost of Drilling and a new lock replacement (determined by Credit Union)
Late Rent Payment$5 per month
Box Inventory $20 per hour, 1 hour minimum
Safe Deposit Boxes are NOT Insured.


getcash Fees

getcash Fees
getcash Card Replacement Fee$8.00 per card
getcash Monthly Service Fee after 1 year of inactivity$1.00
Statement Processing Fee$2.00 per statement run
Non-Sufficient Funds (Card Transactions)$0 per item
Non-Sufficient Funds (ACH Transactions)$30 per item