How to Correct an Error on Your Credit Report

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), credit report errors more than doubled during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the CFPB found that many pandemic protections which were designed to help consumers, such as loan forbearance periods on federal student loans and federally backed mortgages, ended up negatively impacting their credit reports as a [...]

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Should You Speed Up Your Retirement Plans?

According to a March 2021 survey, an estimated 2.8 million Americans ages 55 and older decided to file for Social Security benefits earlier than they expected because of COVID-19. This was about double the 1.4 million people in the same age group who said they expected to work longer, presumably due to pandemic-related financial losses.1 [...]

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Let Widget Financial Help You Build Your Credit

The credit union has great tools to help you build a great credit rating. We can give you credit counseling, set up a credit builder loan, teach you how to make on-time rental payments part of your score, open a secured credit card account … […]

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